The Scientists

About Me!

I am J an early 30s, single mother of a very active second grade boy. On August 1 2013, I started on an epic journey to obtain my PhD in Biology at a university in the midwest. My favorite hobbies include SCUBA diving, skiing, writing and video games. My favorite current TV show is the Big Bang Theory! The life of a single mother includes lots of Legos, Batman, Wii, running, cleaning, cooking, homework help, bedtime battles and lots of snuggles. The life of a grad student includes research, teaching classes, taking classes, reading papers, lab meetings, TA meetings, and writing presentations/posters. When these two insanely busy characters come together it results in one crazy ride that has now become my life. This blog will be my documentation of the journey, hope you enjoy it!

My kid

"King" Boo is in second grade and VERY active. His favorite activities are Legos, Star Wars, Legos, Star Wars Legos, drawing, reading, Lego Batman, and anything that gets him outside. His favorite TV show is How It's Made and Defenders of Berk. His favorite Lego is his Lego Police Semi Truck. He wanted me to add that his favorite video game (this week...) is Blob 2.