Saturday, April 9, 2016

Blog Update

Sorry for the lack of posts the last 2 weeks, hit a rough patch in real life. Between spring break work load and then child and I both got sick, there was no extra time to work on the blog. I made some goals for 2016 at the beginning of the year.

As a refresher the goals:
  • Read a scientific paper at least every work day, goal by year end 200 papers (#365papers"win" with 200)
  • Write more for the blog, one post a week (#50posts)
  • Shout out the little things that make me happy in Mommyhood (#PositiveParentMoment) 
  • 500 words a week in my PhD dissertation
  • Read 2 fun/non-sci books a month
  • Detailed edit of my NaNoWriMo 2015 by this upcoming NaNo  

Now the update...

What a hopeful person I was for this year! At this about 1/4 mark through 2016 I have
  • read 23 papers into #365papers before I got distracted and then fell behind and then forgot completely. 
  • written 12 blogposts(13 counting this one!) for #50posts (only 2 weeks off not terrible!)
  • #PositiveParentMoment has completely died off and I really need to refocus on that as it does help keep things with Boo in perspective
  • I have written 0, yes that's right, 0 words towards my PhD diss.. this needs to change STAT
  • I've read 3 fun books all year, short of the goal of 6
  • I did finish draft 1 of NaNo2015 and have started editing so I'll consider that goal on target
There we have it, out of 6 goals that I gave myself for 2016, I have sorta kept up with 2 of them.  Never to late to try again though! Here's to July 1 where hopefully I will have 100 papers in my #365papers Excel sheet, 26 #50posts, many thousands of words in PhD dissertation, and 12 fun books read!

We'll be back to science next week!