Sunday, February 21, 2016

Minecraft Character Ornaments

This week my laptop got stolen and I lost my science post I was working on, which was very disheartening. So I'm going to take a short break from my normal science-y posts and bring you this post about Boo's Minecraft birthday party from a few months back!

One of the activities I came up with was making a Minecraft ornament. I had found some 1.5 inch paper mache block ornaments from Micheal's at 1/2 off so they were < $1 each!

To simplify things during the party, I created 4 color packs with 3 face options they could copy onto their blocks. Since the ornaments had 4 sides, the kids would rotate around the packs picking a face and gluing the correct color onto the ornament base. Then they would leave with an ornament full of their favorite Minecraft faces!

The packs were:
Green - Creeper, Zombie, Slime
Black - Enderman, Spider, Ender Dragon
Tan - Steve, Alex, Sheep
Gray - Skeleton, Wolf, Moo-shroom
After the party, for fun I also created a squid and ocelot pattern.

After I designed the patterns, I cut 1/2 inch squares out of all of the colors I needed from scrapbook paper. I had a dark green, light green, black, purple, pink, red, gray, tan, brown, white, orange, yellow, and blue.

A few characters required special pieces. For example, the creepers mouth, slime mouth, zombie eyes, and squid pupils. I cut all of those out by hand.

 The paper squares were put into plastic cups as needed for each station. Once the kids got started, they really enjoyed this activity! I gave each boy a glue stick for them to glue each piece. Some decided to drag the paper square over the glue then put it on, others spread glue all over the ornament and then stuck the paper onto the glue.  

On the bottom, I added the logo from Boo's party with the date so they would know where they made it. On the top, I had them put their names so while the glue was drying and we were doing our scavenger hunt we would know which ornament went in which goodie bag!

This project was a lot of fun. Since I have a big paper cutter, it was easy to set up as well. Finished ornaments were adorable and the boys raved about them. You can see some of the resulting faces below!

 This Friday we'll be back to science, thanks for indulging me on my Mom post!


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