Friday, October 10, 2014

Penguin Citizen Science

Boo has a stuffed Penguin, Kowalski. We've had Kowalski since he was really young. This has left us both with a soft spot for penguins. For a while, they were his favorite  animal (now it's sharks). When Zooniverse announced their newest citizen science project, Penguin Watch, we were ecstatic. It is a Zooniverse just like several other citizen science projects we've shared here, so it does require a username/password.

This is a simple click and tag site. You look at pictures, answer some questions and click on the center of the penguin. First question is are there penguins or other animals present?

Then, you mark the center of adults, chicks, eggs, or other (non penguins). If there are a lot of penguins, it will tell you after 30 marks that you've done enough and can feel free to move onto the next image. The last question is did you mark all of them or were there too many penguins.


Very simple and straightforward. If your kids can use a mouse, they can do this activity. Boo absolutely loves it. I highly recommend this for meaningful, yet slightly mindless, clicking! 

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