Friday, August 1, 2014

One Year!

It's been one year since I started my graduate program. One year ago today I walked into lab as a PhD candidate for the first day. I was (still am) incredibly scared and nervous to be taking such a big step. Boo and I had been living with my parents, now we are living 2 hours away on our own. I was teaching part time and was home before Boo's school got out. Now he goes to after school care and we don't get as much time to play. I had not been in a research lab since Boo was born. Now I get to "play" in one every day. A lot of things have changed for both of us.

Now some Year 1 comments: 
  • What pleasantly surprised me the most this year, has been how easily I slipped back into research and study habits considering I had not been a student for 7 years. 
  • What unpleasantly surprised me the most this year, the costs of grad school, utilities, and how much these costs can vary month to month.
  • My big accomplishment was to complete Quals
  • Just this week, I obtained a homozygote line for my soybeans, which means I can do experiments with these soybeans soon. 
  • I still worry about balance of being a great mom and a good grad student. Thankfully I have a very understanding adviser that lets me run off when I need to do important mommy stuff.

Year 1 Complete!
Bring on year 2! Hopefully, it will also bring with it some data ;)

Edit: Update - I got my  awesome grad school contest jewelry from Vexed Muddler in the mail!! How beautiful is this soybean with DNA seeds necklace!

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