Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall is Coming..

While it might only be August, Fall term is rapidly approaching. Teaching schedules have come out. I am teaching the same course as I taught last year. This is a good news/bad news sort of thing. Since I have already taught this course, I have the lectures written and I know what to expect. Bad news is that I will have 2 lab sections. At least at the beginning, the sections will have about 30 students. If last year is any judge, that will drop down to around 25 by the semester end. That means 50-60 assignments to grade. This is, by no means, the most students I have ever had. When I was teaching at the for-profit college I had almost 100 students one quarter. The difference here is, that was my ONLY job. But now, I have lab work, proposal writing, and studying for my own classes on top of grading.

I was going to throw a bit of a pity party, then I realized this is Academia. This is what Profs do all the time. They have lab work, committee meetings, grant/paper writing, teaching, and I'm sure things I'm not even aware exist every semester! Graduate school is training grounds and this is training! Learning how to manage and balance all of the different things going on every semester. So here we go, bring it on Fall 2014!

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