Friday, July 11, 2014

Sanpshot Serengeti

The past few Friday's I've done citizen science where you have to leave your house.. today brings us Snapshot Serengeti, a trip to the African plains from the comfort of your sofa. This is very similar to Seafloor Explorer, which I have blogged about before, except instead of identify a few ocean animals you are looking through pictures of camera traps set up in the Serengeti. They have had 6 rounds identified and the 7th round is over 3/4 completed.


The set up is fairly easy. There is a list of common animals on the side, plus a "Looks like" dropdown menu, search bar, and a few sorting buttons (pattern, color, horns, tail, build) to help you narrow down and identify the organism in the image. Some of them are animals we're familiar with from nature shows and zoos, others are ones that might be new to you. 

Thankfully when you click on an animal name it brings up a picture for you to compare. Then you simple click how many and what they are doing before submitting. When you click "Identify" it will bring you back to the list of organisms in case there are several different types of animals on the screen. Once done, you click finish and get your next image. 

Like it's oceanic counterpart, there are photos that do not have any animals. I've really enjoyed some of the amazing landscape shots though, even without the animals. But make sure you REALLY check close, push the play button to flip through the images like a movie before you say nothing here. There might be a really cool find walking or lurking in the background.

This is a website you can easily feel safe letting your kids play on as well. Each organism has a write up so they can learn a little bit about them while they are learning to identify them. It's a wonderful way to learn about animals that might not be found in your backyard while contributing to their study and conservation. 

I hope you have fun exploring the Serengeti! Leave me a comment about your experience! I'd love to hear about it :)

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