Friday, July 18, 2014

Project Squirrel

In the last of our regularly scheduled citizen science posts (but don't worry we'll have more of these randomly), I'm taking a look at Project Squirrel! Project Squirrel allows individuals to post their observation of squirrels in any region of the US. Building this large database of observation will help scientist find the patterns that might drive the distrubution of squirrels in an area and potentially predict how it will change with time.

To participate in this project does not require an account, they simply use a survey link where you answer 13 questions about where you saw the squirrels, what type and how many squirrels and some habitat questions. It's either bubbles/boxes to click or dropdown menus, very user friendly. You can enter your email address and they will send you updates and information but it is not required. For example, if you were out at the park and saw two gray squirrels you could log on and tell them that. There is even an additional observation box where you could note that the squirrels were in Candice's pants...

Yes, whenever I see a squirrel I do think of that song. I have a 7yo.. we watch a lot of Phineus and Ferb! :)

Project Squirrel also has apps for Droid and iPhone but I haven't tried them. Could be very useful though for out and about, quickly submit an observation.

So next time you are in the backyard, out for a walk, or just feel like getting into nature, pay special attention to the squirrels you see. Then log on and enter your report.. for SCIENCE!

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