Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lab Mojo

The past few weeks in lab have been incredibly frustrating. I had big plans for my summer, I was going to collect ALL the data, I was going to write my proposal, I was going to have awesome graphs to show at my research in progress presentation! And so far.. I got nothing. I might have less than nothing! Everything has stopped working. I seem to touch things and they explode.

Yep.. just like poor Beaker..
Protoplast are no longer transforming. Yields on the plasmid preps have dropped precipitously. Soybean germination rate is way down. Arabidopsis is bolting prematurely. And to top it all off, this stack of journal articles refuse to read themselves!

If anyone sees my lab mojo laying around, please send it back to me. Things need to start turning around and STAT, fall schedule starts in about a month! Time is running down on the prospect for a productive summer. Maybe I will find it returns after I pick up Boo and go on vacation for a week. Hopefully splashing in the ocean waves with the kiddo will fix whatever is ailing me!

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