Wednesday, June 4, 2014

To cat or not to cat

That is the question. I go back and forth about getting a cat. I told Boo a while ago that if we moved out of grandma's house we could get a cat. And we have moved out, but we still have no cat. I love animals. I miss having a cat. My childhood kitty was a snuggler, he always slept right next to me, and would crawl up on my chest and give me kisses in the morning. He was fluffy and huge and lived to be 16. I'm sitting here tearing up a little bit even thinking about him and he has been gone for almost 7 years.

As a kid, I told my Mom all the classic lines. I'll take care of it! I'll clean the litter every day! I'll brush it! And I so totally did..... for maybe a week. Then it was hit or miss and my mom did get stuck with a lot of it. I now hear those same things from Boo. "I'll feed it! I'll take care of it! I'll brush it!" except he is smarter than I was and straight up admits that I will have to clean the litter cause he is not touching that. And you might think that is what gives me pause, but it's not (though it does factor in!).

We like to go see my parents, which means travel. And I know a cat can be left for a few days and be fine, unlike a dog, but I still feel bad. I want a cat that is a cuddly cat, one that likes to be around us and not run and hide. So then I'd feel really guilty to leave it for a few days.

Then there is the cost. The apt requires a $400 nonrefundable pet fee. And it will want food.. and potentially vet visits and all that. I'm honestly not sure we could afford it right now.

But then I have nights were Boo is gone, like over spring break and soon for the summer, and it would be nice to have a cat waiting for me to come home and give me a purring snuggle. It will be interesting to see if I make it through the lonely summer without him. Bets on if I make it?


  1. get a cat. take it with you when you go home on the weekends. food/litter's about an extra $100 a month, you can afford it!! :D

  2. I have two cats on Purina pro plan... it costs 55$ / month for the two of them.
    ... thats with Ravers wet food supplemented in for treats

  3. As someone who adopted a pet thinking the same thing- food and the annual vet bill, how much can it cost me?- it came as a shock when our dog developed an allergy to her food (this happened to my sister's cat as well) and now needs to be on prescription dog food for life. She also had to have surgery on her cervical spine ($1000 to diagnose and another $1500 for the surgery). I don't say this to discourage you from adopting just to point out that even if you don't think it can happen to you, it can! We are case in point! :) If you think you aren't quite ready to commit, check into fostering! A lot of adoption agencies will provide all of the supplies (food, litter, vet bills, etc) in exchange for you to provide a loving, albeit, temporary home, for the cat. Good luck Jen!

    1. yea that kind of thing worries me because I know it happens :( Probably going to sit the kitty thing out for a while..

  4. I will be the detractor here. :) We're on our last days/weeks/months of being cat owners. Our first cat died a couple years ago at the relatively young age of 13, but our second cat is (seemingly) going strong at 16. (Though, she's a scraggly bag of bones.)

    If you have clean-freak OCD type issues like I do, cats/dogs will drive you insane. Hairballs...smelly litterbox (our cat has the curious habit of refusing to cover and sprinting out of the litterbox, scattering it everywhere...might have something to do with our use of one of the automatic scooping things way back when heh)...eating food and hacking it up...our carpet is forever stained. Anyway, being a cat owner had its moments, but, not for me.


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