Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Updates

First: I PASSED QUALS! Wooohoo!!

7.94 on the memory written part and 9.0 on the review paper (out of 10). Sooo happy! Quals are now behind me! Any exams will be downhill from here.

Research: Plants are almost large enough for protoplast work to begin next week and I have been busily making plasmids. I laid out my hopeful experiment schedule for this summer.

Student: This summer the Bio department has added a weekly grad student meetings on Friday that flip back and forth between research in progress presented by a grad student and journal club. My research in progress is Aug 1.

Mommy: Boo finished first grade with 2 weeks of no strikes and no take home work! They had a play called the Night the Crayons Talked, he was the Blue Crayon, and it was so cute.

Random: I won a grad student jewelry give away from thevexedmuddler! Her stuff on Etsy is absolutely awesome, go have a peek! Now I have to decide which piece I want.. it will be tough, so many amazing things.

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