Friday, June 13, 2014

Family Friday

Tomorrow I take Boo to his Dad for the summer. So today we took a true Family Friday!

Boo and I borrowed my Mom's Miata and zoomed down to the theater for How to Train Your Dragon 2. On the way, we had Happy blaring from the speakers and the lady in the car next to us started clapping and dancing along it was hilarious.

We really enjoyed the movie. It was well worth the cost of the 3D and probably would have been worth IMAX. The flight sequences were amazing, Hiccup and Toothless aerobatics were heads and tails cooler than the first movie. There was a really sad part that made me cry and more dragon combat than the first movie so parents of younger kids be warned.

After the movie we went out to lunch and then he wanted to take the Miata down the freeway at top speeds. I floored it a few times for him, he loves it :) Then home for some Legos and my grandparents came in for Thai food. It was a great day :)

Boo will be gone for 5 weeks so Family Friday is going to be taken over by randomness for the next few weeks.

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