Friday, May 9, 2014

Lego Mama

You might remember my post about Boo's anxiety. He worries about me a lot and it is distracting for him at school. We have talked about the fact that he can worry about if I'm having a bad day or if I'm going to pass a test or if my experiments are working but does his worrying change any of those things? Logically, he knows the answer is no but it still bothers him.

One of the things that his therapist suggested was giving him a trinket to take to school to be a connection between us. Honestly, at first I was pretty much convinced she had lost any sense of reality. Sure I'll send a Best Friend necklace to school with my kid.. yea that won't get him a good butt kicking. More I thought about it though, the more I realized at HIS age I LOVED my BFF necklaces and crap like that. I actually think I gave my BFF one while we were in grad school and we both giggled like little girls. So maybe the therapist was not completely crackers.

But I have a 7yo boy.. a BF heart necklace that we can each wear part of is probably NOT the smartest of ideas (plus like I really want to have one of those things on every day!). I racked my brain to try and come up with something he could take that would be small, fit in his pocket, not be a distraction, but would have some sort of meaning. Finally, the idea hit.. Lego minifigure! I was going to take him to the Lego store and have him build a minifigure, but we have so many that we went through our collection and built. Now when he goes to school he tucks Lego Mama (who is a SCUBA diver with epic hair) into his pocket. Then when he worries that maybe Mom is having a bad day, or something bad might happen, or what have you, he can check to make sure Lego Mama is there and be reminded that Mom is ok and he can go back to work at school.

So far he has reported that it helps and for the last two weeks the number of non-completed assignments coming home has decreased. It does add one more thing to my frantic get-out-the-door-in-time-to-not-be-tardy checklist, but if it helps him then it is worth it.

How about the readers out there.. ever have a silly piece of advice given to you that you almost blew off but then it turned out to be not so stupid after all?


  1. dude. it was a BFF heart BRACELET, not a necklace! (and yes i still wear mine!! :D)


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