Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy days are here again

Last week I had my qualifying exams (for catch up read part 1 and part 2) and, you might have noticed, did not post on Friday. There were 2 reasons for that: 1) my brain was dead, seriously it had not potential left to think of anything interesting to say and 2) Boo and I joined a group of family for a local minors baseball game so I spent most of the afternoon and evening just hanging out with family/friends and enjoying chit chat and beer. It was glorious!

Now my 3 day weekend is ending, I spent a lot of time sleeping, read a novel just for fun (Fleet see my Goodreads review here), and family time. Now it is time to layout the week of RESEARCH!! FINALLY!!! DANCE OF JOY!!! (yes I show my age.. shush)

Boo also joins in the action as Mommy now has time to PLAY!

I have not been in the lab other than to splash some water on plants since the beginning of May. Four weeks is like four years in lab time. On our way home tonight, Boo and I stopped at the lab to water the soybeans and I grabbed my lab notebook. This is how long it has been, I need my lab notebook to lay out my week... I couldn't just go off the random post-its and notes scattered around. So far I have 4 things to catch up on and then it is time to lay out the summer schedule (more on that later)

Normally I do this on Sunday, sit down and make the week's lists. My lists usually include: Lab work, study items, grocery, and maybe a dinner plan (which I rarely follow). So I'm curious, does anyone else take the time to lay out your week's activity? What lists do you make? Let me know in the comments!


  1. forget lists - GOOGLE Calender FTW! This way I can schedule labwork, kids appointments and activities, meetings, scouts activities, and even dinner! :) I have 7 calenders at the moment :D

    1. I've tried that way and I just can't organize digitally I need my tactile paper :)

    2. digitally your list is available on your phone whenever you need it. paper gets lost :)


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