Saturday, May 31, 2014

1st Almost Done

Boo is almost done with first grade, there are 3 days of school next week and they barely count. Monday is field day, Tuesday is who knows and Wednesday is their play and the school awards ceremony. So I assume Tuesday will actually be practice the play all day. He had a week free of extra homework and strikes! I would love to assume that means he is actually getting the hang of school, but a more likely explanation is that his teacher just gave up on being overly strict this week and is already half way to vacation mode. He got to go to the store since he did not have strikes (brought home a bag full of junk) and had his last show and tell at after school care (took his new Toothless from Build a Bear).

It all feels surreal right now. He is almost done with first grade, which means soon I'll be a Mom of a second grader. He can compose stories, do two-digit addition and subtraction, read chapter books (by choice!)... when did he get so big! Tonight he went through his books and pulled out all the ones that were too easy and no longer interesting for us to donate to his first grade classroom. <3

For his teacher, we are working on a little booklet with things he learned and liked about her that will serve as a gift card holder. Trying to figure out the best gift card. He says Starbucks, I lean towards Amazon or Target. We had best come to a consensus soon.. school is out on Wednesday!

Any suggestions? What gift cards do you think teacher's would like?

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