Monday, May 12, 2014

1 week

There is one week left until Quals arrive. Seven days.. exactly 7 days from this moment I will be frantically writing everything I can think of about some unknown subset of this massive amount of information I am attempting to learn.  

Biochemistry and molecular biology has been reduced to alphabet soup in my memory. RecBCD, eIF4f, TER, SSB, Mcm2-7, CDK, TPE3, Wnt, Fz, Smad2/3, Ras, on and on the letters go. They all MEAN something and each is important to various topics. The problem is going to be keeping them all straight and properly aligned with their topics! Rec is DNA repair but Ras is involved in signaling pathways. Watch me mix some up next week when I take quals!

 Today, and pretty much the rest of the week, will be spent drawing pathway after pathway on my dry erase board, reviewing all my notes, doing flashcards, and talking myself through everything until I cannot stand to look at it another moment.  I already feel that way.. but I also feel that I know nothing. As soon as I finish reading/writing it, all the information leaks right out of my brain and is lost. I hope it starts sticking or I'm in TROUBLE!

For 8 hours next Monday, I will data dump every bit of info I can squeeze out of my exhausted brain through my pencils onto the papers. 8 hours.. 8 questions.. anyone else hearing the Jaws theme?

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