Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sometimes you get the bear...

sometimes the bear gets you! First off, I must apologize for missing Monday's post. Boo had some routine tests at the hospital that I thought would be no big deal that turned out to be absolutely exhausting/stressful for both of us. So I did not get anything written.

I learned I have the most awesome PI adviser to ever be a PI adviser! After Boo's tests, he ended up not going to school yesterday. I needed to start a bacterial culture or I was going to be insanely behind this week. So I went in and got my stuff prepped then told Boo he had to SIT right there and not move until I got back (didn't want to take him back with all the cultures!). My PI goes "Hey I'll sit with him and he can tell me all about his cool toy there!" and merrily drops into the chair next to my kiddo for the next 5 minutes while I ran and inoculated my cultures and put them on the shaker. While it was only for a few minutes, I really really appreciated it! It's the little things that can help out in the largest ways.

After lab, I took Boo to the zoo for us to de-stress. We ran into one of my students at the Zoo, working in the aviary. She had a bird on her shoulder and put it on Boo's shoulder. He was so excited as the bird (Casey) crawled around his shoulder and up onto the top of his head where it perched for a while until he was like ok, take it off. Then he got to feed some of the little birds. It was just what we needed. I got the bear!

This morning I came in and started my plasmid extraction. Going merrily along through the first six steps when I pulled them out of the centrifuge, there was hardly any pellet. Usually at that step the pellet is huge! Consulted with PI and realized I forgot to add the lysozyme.. so my bacterial cells did not fully break apart meaning most of my DNA was in the bleach water now.
Annnnd had to start the cultures over, so the quick run into lab with Boo did not help me stay on pace. My own idiocy ended up setting me back a day anyway! Yep, bear got me.

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