Friday, April 11, 2014

Lego Egg Hunt!

such as this classic dress + hat!
Easter is rapidly approaching. And I mean rapidly, at least to me it feels like it is arriving at warp 10! With qualifying exams on the way, plus my course presentation this morning, lab work I am just now starting to think about Easter!

As a kid I loved everything about Easter. Pretty dress, pretty flowers, a basket full of candy and an egg hunt of awesome. Boo, being a boy, has lost out on the dresses and after our first few Easter sugar highs I decided I disliked that much candy. Candy in the basket, candy in the eggs.. it's enough sugar for the entire year all crammed into a day!So a few years ago I decided to start something new and boy was it a hit. 

Lego Egg Hunt!

I buy one nice set, open it the night before and stuff all the Lego pieces into the plastic eggs! I have 3 larger eggs to accommodate some of the larger Lego pieces and the book + huge pieces go in his basket with a small selection of sweets. The big tip here is: know how many eggs you stuffed!! If all the eggs are not found you do not have all pieces for the set! Requires a little bit of organization to be sure I know where all the eggs are and how many total before he starts working on the set or else we will have a panic/frustration meltdown because a piece is missing. 

If you're looking for an alternative to candy in your eggs, this has been a huge hit for the last 2 years and he will not stop talking about how excited he is to see what set will be in the eggs this year.

What are your Easter traditions? Do you have any other non-sugary ideas for Easter egg hunts? 


  1. This is a great idea! I love this. My son actually wanted to hide lego in easter eggs to make a game and we just never got around to it. Thanks for being such a wonderful reader!

    1. Thanks! He REALLY enjoys it.. this year he is getting Lego Movie set (Cloud Cuckoo but don't tell him! ;)). I'm so glad you stopped by I love your blog :)


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