Friday, March 28, 2014

Quiet House

Boo has been gone all week. It is awful. Parenting is hard, parenting Boo is REALLY hard... and yet when he is gone life is even worse! Yes, I get to work longer in the lab and I do try to take advantage of this. Yes, I could go out without trying to find a baby sitter (which is my least favorite thing ever) but I don't. There are lots of reasons for this. 1) I don't have time when Boo is home to invest in outside of lab relationships. 2) I am not a good loner, I don't go out to eat alone or to movies, etc.

It has been a really long and lonely week with a great deal of time to think. I had planned, of course, to read and get all caught up and surpass my goals for quals. But I come home and I end up sitting on the couch and just staring at the wall. I finally realized that this is the first time since Boo has been born that I have been 100% alone while he is away. Before we moved here for the PhD we lived with my parents so when he would leave I had family to keep me company and keep things hopping.

It's amazing how sad and unable I have been to find my motivation this week. I have bouts of sadness, mommy blues, stressful times, and just plain not a clue why I'm crying into my Pepsi One even when Boo is home. But this week, completely alone, it has been a nightly occurrence.

He comes back on Sunday. It cannot get here fast enough!

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  1. Sounds like you have the "Alone Mommy Booooos" Just Kidding. We are going to be in Indiana for Easter. Maybe we will see you then.


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