Friday, March 14, 2014


One of the things that I have been told repeatedly is that thoughts are like gardens, the ones we tend the most will grow the largest. As anyone can tell you, being a parent is both rewarding and exhausting. I find myself getting overwhelmed with parenting, feels like more often than not. Then after a bit of gentle nudging from my Mom after a particularly bad time, I realized I was feeding those thoughts more often than not.

So at the beginning of the year,  I decided to challenge myself to pay attention to moments that were POSITIVE every day. I created a Twitter handle (@PositiveParent365) with the sole purpose of capturing these moments where I could look back and read them. I had hoped to do them daily (hence the 365), but life gets in the way and I have missed a day here or there. To mark them I've been using #PositiveParentMoment. So far there have been 74 days in the year and I have marked 64 positive entries. I go back and read them occasionally, especially in moments where I am feeling overwhelmed, and it's been working.  Feeding my brain positive thoughts, particularly in potentially non-positive moments, is slowly starting to help me feel better about parenting. My brain has a way to say: Look it's not all a giant waste, some moments are epically awesome, even the little ones. For example:

Three months into this journey and I can see a difference. I still fall back on my old frustrated, overwhelmed ways sometimes but change takes time. But since I started looking for positive things to focus on and memorialize, those times are lessening.

I would love to see more #PositiveParentMoment, if you have Twitter, post your moment! If you don't post one in the comments here! What little moments can we use to feed the garden today?


  1. mine are older, further along. I thought it would be easier once they hit tween/teen, but not so much some days. Other days, like today, my youngest was tickled and praying earnestly that we would beat her dad (my hubby) home from a 1 hour ride in separate cars. My GPS took me a different way, and the whole way she was "please, please, please let us get there first...". Well, we actually got there first, and the squeal was priceless. :-)


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