Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mammal March Madness Part Deux

Mammal March Madness is in full swing! If you are not following #2014MMM on Twitter, you are missing out on awesomeness. Boo did complete his bracket before the festivities started, but unfortunately had to go to bed before the end of Social Mammals first round but when we went over it after school today and he was delighted. There were lots of WHAT?! REALLY?! WOW! at the amazing facts. To see the first half of his bracket, see the first Mammal March Madness post. Now onto the rest of his picks!

His The Who in the What Now?:

His Fossil Mammals:
illustration from the book Kameno doba by Jovan Zujovic (1856-1936)
 So his Final Four and Winner are:
He had lots of good quotes when picking these but my favorite was his rendition of the Cassowary. I showed him a picture and it became the "Giant Squash Bird!" and would go WAM WAM WAM on all the little guys. And so I present this image to you:

GIANT SQUASH BIRD! Cassowary destroys the competition to make it to the final match-up!
All images mine, except for Cassowary which is from

"Echinda because Babirusa will stop on spines and go OW OW OW ::hopping around on one foot like a cartoon character" 

My prediction: In a Cinderella story for the ages, Perry the Godzilla Platypus will claw his way into the final four

 and then be mercillessly mauled by the Polar Bear who goes on to win it all!

My bracket:

We are both 7 out of 8 right now, how are your brackets looking? Leave a comment and let us know!

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