Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Wonder-will-it-ever-stop-land

Five days into February... 8.5 inches of new snow on top of all the stuff still hanging around from January.. we have broken the record for snowiest February on record by 1.6 inches.. and we are only five days in!

So far this winter has been insane. Since we returned from winter break (a week late due to the polar vortex), there has not been a full week of school for King Boo's elementary school. They have cancelled at least once a week with several two hour delays adding to the inability to get set into a true school routine. It is supposed to be very cold in the morning with more snow coming this weekend so the kids are home today and odds are a delay will occur at least once this week!

 I must admit to some.. minor.. little bit.. of cabin fever... I want to go out and do something, ANYTHING. Yet I know my car, love her as I do, is not great in weather like this so I stay in the house. All this snow and I have not been skiing or ice skating once! The roads have been too bad to attempt it when the snow has been nice and the budget has been tight when the roads are cooperating. And.. more snow is on the way this weekend. I hope it is not enough to cancel our weekend plans, another weekend cooped up in the apartment is going to drive me mad!

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