Monday, February 10, 2014

State of the student

This week is sure to be a little on the insane side.. scratch that.. a LOT on the insane side. In addition to our usual 2014 winter activities (gymnastics and swimming), I have a 45 minute presentation due in my class on Friday morning and a practical to write for the course I teach. And then, of course, there is preparing for quals and lab work always pressing. Let's review where we stand on a couple of key issues.

The preparation for quals is becoming more and more frantic.. I have fallen 2 weeks behind on my reading and thus studying the notes I have made so far is non-existent. There are only 14 weeks left! I know that SOUNDS like a lot, but it will go by very quickly and there is still a lot of material left to study! Another student who took quals last year came by my lab and gave me some ideas and hints for preparing. Hopefully they will help, 50/50 molecular biology/biochemistry so at least I know I should be spending half my prep time on Biochem. I have not even moved onto molecular yet! Granted I took molecular biology last semester and have not taken a biochem course in a decade, hopefully that means molecular will be easier to study than biochemistry as I am having to re-teach myself a lot of details that have faded in 10 years. The worst part is I feel behind which overwhelms me and leads me to doubt my ability to make it which decreases my desire to work on it.

Transgenic soybeans are coming along quite nicely! I did the herbicide test on the first set last week and it will be ready to read tomorrow, though I peeked in on them while I was watering and I did see some really damaged leaves and lots of non-damaged leaves. Hopefully the ratio will be 3:1 when I count. My second batch of plants is very close to being ready, probably tomorrow I can herbicide test them. Those that are resistant I will move up to the greenhouse to let them go to seed.

I also need to finish the freezer inventory and get the transgenic Arabidopsis projects going. And that's just what's up on the student front ;)

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