Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sea of Sickness

We have been bobbing about in the sea of sickness for the past week. Last week King Boo had a 24 hour stomach bug, lots of vomiting, a little fever, some lethargy for a day and then, BOOM, back to normal.

This week on Monday I woke up with a scratchy throat. By Wednesday I was full blown flu symptoms, cough/congestion/aches/throat swollen/pain and went to the doctor where I tested positive for influenza. Of course, I had been sick too long to get on Tamiflu and just have to suffer. The Dr. said it would probably be at least a week until I was back to normal. Great.. this cough better not hold on that long.

The bright part about all of this is how King Boo has really stepped up at home. Usually I'm dynamiting him out of bed and doing everything as he barely drags himself into his clothes and eats his breakfast. This week he has mostly helped out, made his own breakfast, offered to bring me tea (i don't let him actually bring me tea.. too hot), carried around his hand sanitizer, and not begged me to play with him. There have been some rough spots, he broke down into tears when I told him I could not kiss him until after I was better to try and make sure he did not get sick. We finally compromised to I could kiss his foot.

sleeping now

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