Saturday, February 15, 2014

Family Olympic weekend!!

We have been spending the last week watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi. King Boo often ends up falling asleep on the couch watching them with me. He has learned various terms in figure skating, curling and slopestyle. The other night while watching the pairs skate threw his head back and went "UG why do they ALWAYS do the backwards death spiral?!"

Backwards death spiral. Img credit:
This weekend it was finally time for our family Olympics! We've been doing this since Vancouver 2010 when King Boo was only 3 and the games were pretty simple. Now that he is 7, we went all out this year! We always start with a torch relay, I made the torch at our first Olympics out of a paper towel roll covered in white paper, which I drew the Olympic ring colors on. The flame is tissue paper, and this year my brother added a flickering red light in the center.
London - Our Olympic bear got all dressed up for winter!



I bought one of those small table top air hockey tables and we did a single elimination tourney. King Boo got the bronze. I had the idea, but not the time, to make a hockey rink on our big dry erase board, the put it on the table and use a small pompom as a puck and bendy straws for sticks so both people on the team could play with one being goalie and one defending the middle. But it did not happen this year, maybe in 2018 ;) 



We used our Nerf guns and various targets posted around my parents house. I cut skis for everyone out of thick poster board and we used rubber bands to attach them. We timed the skiers through the circuit and added time based on their shooting. Hit the bullseye, no time was added, miss completely add 10 seconds with intervals in between. 


Short Track Relay. 

In this event we put balloons between our legs and ran around the track (my parents have one of those houses where the first floor is wrapped around the stairs so you can run in a circle). Had to pass the balloon to your teammate who ran it. Fastest time wins!


Cross Country Relay

"Skis" were used again to run a path around the house then you had to switch skis with your partner who ran the same track. Fastest time wins! We got gold on this one!


Speed Skating

Shuffle around the track, feet can't be picked up at any point.


This is my favorite of the events. I use a silicon cupcake pan to make ice "stones", to color them I cut out construction paper and sink in the ice before I freeze them. Then using painters tape I make a house on the wood floor. From across the kitchen, you slide the "stones" across and aim for the button. Score it just like normal curling, team closest to the button gets one point per stone in the house that is closer than the other teams. For example on the picture below, the blue team would get 3 points as they have 3 stones within the house and the red team has none. We won gold here too!

We always do a medal ceremony for each event. I made these medals for our first year, using cardboard from a box, glitter glue and clear contact paper. I cut the cardboard out, covered one side with the colors (for bronze I did half red and half gold glitter glue) and then after it dried covered them with contact paper and cut that a little bigger than the medal. Then I hole punched at the top and put a red ribbon through them.

We always enjoy family Olympics! Sad the day is over but at least we have real Olympics to watch for a little longer!

*Yes I know it's not technically Friday but I wanted to have the whole Olympics so I delayed my post by a day ;)

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