Friday, February 21, 2014

Dr. Seuss week

Next week at King Boo's school they are doing Dr. Seuss week in honor of his upcoming birthday. They are having an event at school every day. Monday is dress as your favorite character. When I asked King Boo who his favorite was he replied (to my surprise) the Lorax (I was betting on Grinch). I had to remind myself what the Lorax looked like, so with a quick peek on Google I found him. 
Now we set out to create a Lorax costume, with as little drama as possible. He decided he could wear his orange dinosaur shirt inside out but needed orange pants. Luckily I remembered Gymboree had orange pants earlier this year, and one of the stores by us had one pair left in his size which were on sale since that line was discontinued (SCORE). Boom outfit done.

back                                      front
Still missing one critical piece of the Lorax though, the big bushy yellow 'stache. We tried Micheal's for feather boa/fluffy yarn or something but they did not have any in yellow. Came home and raided my mixed up, random craft box. Dug around and found yellow pipe cleaners and yellow feathers. After measuring the pipe cleaners so they would sit around his ear and pass beneath his nose, me and my hot glue gun got to work! It took two pipe cleaners to make the backbone, I twisted them together and folded the ends down so it will hang over his ears. Then, I layered the feathers onto the pipe cleaners using the hot glue to secure them. I left it hanging over the chair with a paper plate behind it to dry. Then came the test. He put them on, ran to the bathroom and laughed with glee and with a super loud, goofy voice said "Hi! I'm the Lorax!" Mommy mission complete!

Tuesday is wear your favorite hat or make a silly hat like the Cat in the Hat.. of course he loved the mustache so much he wants me to make him a crazy hat! Sometimes being a crafty Mom can backfire......

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