Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WW: So cold...

First Wacky Wednesday of 2014 and I have decided to use this time to discuss how cold it has been this year. January is usually cold here in the midwest of America, but this has been bone numbing, eyelids freezing cold. The year started with a massive dip in temperatures.. according to the high on Jan 1 was 21F with a low of 15F, this is all within normal averages for our area in January.

But then:
* Jan 2 High: 16F Low 1F with a few inches of snow
* Jan 3: High: 14F Low -10F (MINUS!)
* Jan 4:High: 32F Low 12F.. it was a pretty sunny Saturday, that we spent in the car all day doing post-winter break custody exchange.
* Jan 5: High: 32F  Low 7 It snowed A LOT, we got about 14 inches. Early in the day the temperature was still "warm" so we went out and played in the snow. Then the sun went down and the Arctic air started coming.
* Jan 6: High: 20F  Low: -15F (MINUS!!) Before the day even started, the uni was closed down, as were the roads. Illegal to travel Jan 5 into Jan 6 that is the intensity of the wind + snow! The high was in the middle of the night, when we woke up it was -10! By the end of the day it was -15F with wind chills in the -40F. We even did the boiling water, toss it outside and watch it turn instantly into snow it was so cold!
* Jan 7: High: 7 Low:-14 There was no word on school for Wed so we made the usually 2hr drive from my parents house back to the apartment. It was awful and took almost five hours, even though there had been no snow in two days the roads were terrible. We saw 28 cars that had spun off the road.

With the predictions ranging from lows hitting -21F without windchill to the balmy -15F that we reached, my initial thoughts about this whole polar vortex were caught up with how a cold snap like this would disrupt my entire schedule. And it has.. but that has been a really good thing! They closed down the university Monday and Tuesday due to the snow and subsequent freeze complicating clean up. That provided me with guilt free time to hang with King Boo. We built Legos, watched movies, snuggled and even played in the snow a little bit.

Today his school is closed but mine is back open. Thankfully I have one of the best Advisers in the world. He understands that I am a single Mom and don't have anything to do with Wayne when school is cancelled. He gave me things to work on from home and then we will meet tomorrow to lay out this years research. I feel so very blessed right now!  

UPDATE: They cancelled school again tomorrow... I REALLY need to get in the lab!! This is getting frustrating.. stupid Blizzard! 

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