Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Goodbye first semester and hellllloooo 2014! First I must apologize for my extended absence. Suddenly it was finals and then holidays and time simply escaped my grasp. A quick update on the end of the semester:
  • Teacher - wrote and successfully administered the final practical for the lab course I was teaching. Student grades were lower than I wanted but in line with the other lab sections. 
  • Student - studied my booty off and felt REALLY confident on the exam... however, the test score was lower than I was expecting :( I did keep my B+ in the course though so all is fine. 
  • Researcher - I finished the genetic screening of our transgenic soybean! I have 8 samples left from 2013 that did not get processed in 2013. 
  • Mommy - King Boo was the Grinch in his classes Readers Theater.. it was ADORABLE, he did voices and everything. We had a great Christmas. The day after Christmas he was wearing his Star Wars pjs, watching Star Wars Ep 1 and building all of his Star Wars Legos, I will call that a parenting win ;) 
  • Personal - I did successfully write 50k in NaNoWrimo but it turned into mostly romance easy word count and the main storyline got a bit lost. I will need to firm that up a tad more. 
 Now looking forward to 2014! The spring semester promises to be incredibly challenging! The agenda includes:
  • Teacher - Monday am lab of the same course from before, so at least I have the backbone prepared, though exams will have to be created again. 
  • Student - I will only be taking a plant seminar course which I am really excited about! BUT this semester also includes qualifying exams... ::Jaws theme song plays::
  • Researcher - I will be creating my proposal for my PhD dissertation project so lots of preliminary studies, reading and writing is ahead.
  • Mommy - make sure King Boo finishes his year strong and hopefully build lots of Legos :D
  • Personal - Reading challenge will be 12 fiction books this year, finish at least one of the in progress NaNo novels, and keep up better with this blog :)
Starting next week I am going to try a new format where I will post M/W/F:
Molecular Monday will feature a science themed post, usually current things in the lab either research or readings
Wacky Wednesday will be my random day
Family Friday will focus on family stuff
I am hoping to find a groove with this blog. Hopefully everyone out there will keep reading throughout 2014. For now I leave you with this:

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