Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Best Helper Ever

Monday was a holiday here in the USA, both King Boo and my school did not have classes. Now just because there are no classes that does not mean you do not have to work as a
graduate student! However, when the mommy has no school/day care for child hits the grad student has a ton of work to do train one must improvise. The big project on my agenda right now is planting seeds like the world is ending, over the next month I should plant and process about 400 soybeans. I decided to give King Boo a try at being my little helper in the growth chamber. He came in completely excited.... at first. After all Mommy's work in the lab is an awesome and mysterious place where science occurs! He helped me get everything set up, got to ride the freight elevator up to the greenhouse, and then it was time to dive into the soil making.

The mix is one part potting soil, one part top soil and one part manure. He helped at first but decided he did not like the texture of the soil on his hands so he washed up and played games on my phone. He lasted about 15 minutes and now I was worried. How long would he stay content playing on my phone? How much more work would I be able to get done? Surprisingly, he lasted over two more hours! I got all the soil mixed and the pots filled. Then we moved them into the big chamber.

Next came planting the actual soybean seeds. This was the part where he jumped back into help.I made the right size holes in the soil (6 per pot) and he came along and carefully put a seed in each hole. Then he covered them back up with soil and patted them softly. It was adorable and he asked me to take a video where he explained what he was doing. I asked him why we were growing them and he replied "so you can examinate them!"  <3

I was so incredibly proud of him, he listened and was quiet and respectful for the 3 hours we were at uni. He had fun helping me plant and hopefully it will make him feel more of a part of my PhD pursuit.

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