Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Day 6

Wow keeping up with NaNo while juggling everything is actually working! I've found that I can write in a note app I have on my phone during the random wait steps that come with molecular biology research. 5 minute incubation here, 10 minute centrifuge there, 40 minute gel assay, etc., molecular biology is a lot of hurry up and wait. So while I wait, I type on my phone (autocorrect fails will be fantastic to dig through in December..) and it's working. Currently I sit at just over 11k, which is day 7 pace, so I'm a day ahead for the moment. I need to try and bank more ahead time as the weekend of the 16th is Boo's birthday party and then the 18th I have my next exam. I do not see my writing statistics being impressive in those time frames. This a technique I would recommend to anyone who wants to write but does not feel like they have the time to do so. Grab the 5 minute breaks here and there and use them for writing. Treat them like sprints. You'll be amazed how many words you can generate through out the day that way!

My group for class had our big presentation today. Last night I had everyone over for dinner and practice session. I made homemade Alfredo sauce with chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli over rotini pasta. It was delicious :) The presenters went over the talk and we talked about the strengths and weakness of paper we were presenting. It was a weak paper, just a simple 2D gel with no physiological data to back up their claims. Today things went smoothly, I had to answer some of the more technical questions since the paper did fall under my actual PhD research. Now the web side of the team will do their magic and Friday we will be officially done with this project!

Had a Mommy fail moment tonight. While reading bedtime stories to Boo I realized I had not sent his library books from school back to school. He, of course, suddenly remembered I was right and he would going to miss recess until I got them turned in and started to cry. I had to find the books, reassure him that he was not in trouble and I would tell his teacher it was my bad, and then get him settled down enough to fall asleep. Between the presentation for class, NaNo and the mice last week (which i have not seen a mouse or any evidence of mice since Monday!) I have been so scatter brained. Need to refocus quick. Speaking of focus.. time to get my word count padded up and my lecture written for tomorrow.

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