Saturday, November 9, 2013

Family Friday!

This was the first Friday night in 2 months we have not been driving to my parents. Instead we are staying here. We had pizza for dinner and popcorn with a movie! I decided it was time Boo saw Aladdin. I had forgotten how dated some of the Genie's references were! For a while I could not tell if he was enjoy it or not. Then after the Prince Ali song, the Sultan rides the Carpet around and he laughed and laughed and started imitating it.

When the movie ended, he stood up and announced "I am a genie! You get three wishes!"

"I wish my son would brush his teeth, take his medicine and go to bed!"

"Sorry, I'm a genie not your son. Wish again!" 

"OK, I wish my living room was clean!"

He looked around, looked at me and goes "That will not happen." 


I think he missed the concept of being a genie. ;)

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