Saturday, November 2, 2013

Destination Dissertation

Yesterday one of my labmates successfully defended a PhD. The public defense lasted about an hour and the closed door committee defense lasted another 2. But success was granted and after the paperwork is completed (revisions to the dissertation, filing all the forms, etc.) Dr. will be added before and , PhD after name for eternity. After all the formality we did a little after party in the conference room. Cake, champagne and pats on the back! We all signed a card and the champagne bottle as mementos. Due to the timing of the event, Boo came along to the after party and was absolutely wonderful. So well behaved. When he went to say congratulation, my labmate asked if we would be doing this for him next. To which I jumped in and said hey hey me first! and everyone laughed.

But watching the whole event from the sidelines made me realize how much I want to be there. To have added to the world's scientific knowledge and presenting my work. Ready to move to the next phase of my career. Right now I'm at the very beginning of the destination. I don't even have a project fully laid out. The one I am working on right now does not seem to be going anywhere. The data is inconclusive and messy. I don't know if it will show anything we can use, and if it doesn't I'm not sure what to do from there. But here we go, off to the races. Dissertation Ho!

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