Tuesday, September 3, 2013

They're here....

The Squishies have arrived!

This goes back to my old days as a Master's student, when the summer interns would arrive my friend started calling them Squishy's as Finding Nemo had just come out. The only time we had undergraduates on campus was the summer due to the fact that our satellite campus was so far away from main campus. This is not the case on my current campus.

When I first arrived I asked if the lab ever had tip stacking parties (For those not in science, pipette tips come in bags which are hard to use on the bench, so you put the tips into racks which can then be sterilized and easily accessed. It is a tedious task but important and something we used to do at my old lab as a group so no one was stuck doing it all alone). The answer? We will have freshman workers for that once the semester starts.

And they arrived today! We have two assigned to the lab (to add to the 7 of us already working in there.. eep!) and they are in charge of dishes, getting the Milli-Q water, tip racking and perhaps teach them to autoclave waste and soil.

So in a move that is counter-intuitive, today I left my beakers on the dirty side of the sink since if there is nothing to do our Squishies can't get their hours!

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