Friday, September 13, 2013

The Hidden Fees of Grad School

This is another blurb I wrote but had not launched the blog yet:

Fees Freakout - Aug 12

I've been out of school for over 5 years, so there was a good deal of sticker shock for me having started this new program! I was expecting fees, at my last university it was about $300 a year. Plus books, all students need books. Well let me tell you something boys and girls, if a school is offering you a scholarship for "most" of your tuition, find out EXACTLY what those numbers are.

While my current school had only promised to pay "most" of my tuition, I was not anticipating the out of pocket cost. Between fees and the other 20% of my tuition it is going to cost me $850 a SEMESTER. I must admit, when I finally got that bill I seriously considered throwing this experiment away before it truly started. My budget is tight, I already have a roommate who while he provides lots of excitement and love does not contribute much financial support to the situation. So the extra $1700 a year is making it even tighter... very stressful.

The most annoying part. The bill just lists almost $400 dollars as "General fee" or "Administration Fee." There is no details as to what is this money actually going towards? I know where it is NOT going: Student Health Services, have to pay to use the clinic; Gym fees, have to buy a membership to use the campus facilities; Parking, yeah that cost me $300... sooo where is this money going?! Do any other students have this issue? In the 10 years since I got my BS, the student services provided by the university have been massively cut yet the fees have more than tripled! Personally I think universities should have to lay out where those "General fees" cause right now I'm pretty sure they are just going to coffee for the admin office.

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