Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No Rest for the Weary

It is almost 2am again.. that makes 3 nights in a row that I'll see 2am and have to get up with the 7am alarm bell. The reason for this? My kid is sick.. at least he is acting like it but there are no physical symptoms. Lots of crying and moaning, inability to sleep, not wanting to eat, but no fever or vomiting or headache. It's frustrating. He's in bed with me, has been for the past few nights, and won't lay still. So even after I do fall asleep, I don't sleep well because I get kicked and pushed all night by the whirling dervish. I wish I could figure out what was wrong with him! :(

Another time point in the morning, set up/administer practical on Thursday, present lab meeting on Friday, exam next Monday... ug not a good time for not being able to sleep!

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