Friday, September 13, 2013

My house is a wreck....

I've been up til 1am every night this week, studying, writing exams, and reading papers. Notice that all three of those things are lab work.. none of them are housework! So my house is suffering and I'm starting to feel the crushing weight of the mess. I really need to get lab homework done, I have a protein assay to process, will generate another one tomorrow, have 2 big sampling time points M/T, next Friday is my lab meeting (if you don't know what that means go here) and I just started to write my slides!

So I sit here trying to write slides but being distracted by the disaster of papers and books and toys spread out across my living room floor. I did get Boo to clean his room today but he still left a bunch of toys out int he living room today. Though I must admit the toys are only part of the problem, the vast amount of papers is the real mess. Between his drawings and my journal articles there might be a small forest represented on the floor!

Since I'm not getting to bed before 1am anyway, I'm going to take a break and clean my living room. Then I can at least focus on my slides and not be so distracted by the clutter!

Or if anyone has any magic cleaning fairies can you lend them to me?

So I can clone them and patent the clones to make ONE BILLION DOLLARS ::Dr. Evil grin::

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