Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Curve Ball

Hit my first real snag as a single mom in grad school. They announced today that schools would be closed tomorrow due to a VIP funeral procession. And while I totally understand the situation the school is in, it threw my evening into chaos. I tried calling my local cousin but she is working and having been here only a month I do not know anyone else. I would just stay home with him tomorrow but Thursday is the day I teach and I do not know the policy for substitutes! I tried to call the prof who runs the course but it was after 5 and he was already gone. My parents are 2 hours away and they have an appointment tomorrow so they couldn't come down to stay with Boo, but did offer an alternative of meeting half way and picking him up.

Ugh.. not wanting to get stuck in between rock and hard place tomorrow, I went with going up half way. So I spent 2 hours in my car to get him up to Dad and will have to do it again tomorrow night because there is still school on Friday! ::headdesk::

This is a perfect storm type situation.. there were plenty of avenues that could have worked out that did not involve the long drive. Any day but Thursday I could stay home. Most days my parents don't have appointments they can't get out of and could come down. With more warning my cousin can rearrange her work schedule and stay with Boo. Makes me realize I really do need to try and plug in around here.. networking takes time though.

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