Sunday, September 1, 2013

3 day weekend!

Three day weekends.. in the words of my first grader "get me out of school on Monday and let me play!" This is our first 3 day weekend since we started school. He is loving it.. I am feeling guilty. Most of my labmates will be working on Monday. While classes are cancelled for the day, research marches onward and most grad students do not take classes cancelled as a day off from work. I on the other hand, am staying home because Boo is out of school. I feel guilty being home, I have plenty to do at lab! I should be working like everyone else. Granted, I will work from home. I have studying to do for class on Wednesday, I already have written the practical exam for the course I teach on Thursday and of course there is always primary literature to read. But, that does not get research done. There is no way of getting laboratory work done without being in the laboratory. So I sit here feeling guilty for being a decent Mommy and therefore not being a good graduate student! This is the difficulty with having 2 full time jobs! Balance is the word of the day!

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